Sunday, September 19, 2010

Worlds race rundown

So. Back in Ol' Vic now and settling into the swing of things with school and whatnot. My mom was gracious enough to come and cook for me and make my first few classes easy, getting errands off the checklist and so here I am.

The Race.
Our support staff was beyond incredible and so i got to the start line feeling like i was about to hop in the water for a workout. With two different transitions it made for some interesting pre race staging. Start list of 80(i think) and i was # 43 putting me dead centre on the pontoon. Everyone gets called down aaaaaaannnddd AIRHORN. 14 degree water gives you an adrenaline rush on top of your adrenaline rush and your off. The roughest toughest baddest raddest start of my life, i was dunked and kicked and pushed and my clear water escaped me until the first buoy at 300M. I'm used to getting free at about 150m so this made my brain go gaaahvldfjhvcljhvfcljahvlhjqgrrrrrrrrr. end up getting clear and chasing down the leader, the south african beats me out ( i think he got clear water early maybe i hope haha ) and it's go go go to T1. onto the bike feeling the rush and we head out onto the 5km stretch before the loops and T2. I was hoping for some more segregation between packs but with the wetsuit swim we were looking at about a 37 man lead pack if i'm not mistaken. sitting in was easy but risky, stayed near the front for the most part, took some pulls. The hard part about the riding though was jockeying into position for each corner. this was crucial because it was packed and sketchy. Through the chicane section on numerous accounts i was pushed onto my inside guys bars while cornering as the guy on my outside leaned on me. crazy. Stop go style ride and the stretch heading into T2 was scary. 12 guys wide it seemed like, and i ended up near the back. off onto the run and the first 1.5km felt terrible legs were just tanked from the ride and the swim and so i headed off trying to keep the tempo up. "this is worlds, this is it, go for it" and so i got out of the funk and picked it back up. running along the cobbles with everyone going nuts was awesome and it gave me a bit of a pick up. I got passed mostly in that first 1.5km and managed to fight some spots back came through in 21st. Not what i had hoped for but it was all i could have done on the day so I walk away happy.

Now it's school school school and gettin into the groove. Training starts back up on the 4th of October and I'm lookin forward to it!

Thanks for all the support from my parents, coaches (PK Carolyn), Sponsors, supporters and friends. The season was all i could have asked for and i'm stoked for my next season debut in Olympic distance U23

Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm here after an exhausting flight. settled down in this new land and will be going to bed soon, wake up in the morn adjusted to the 9 hour time change after staying up for an uncomfortable period of time. grocery stores are different to the likeness of mexican ones, need to hit up the downtown core for SIM card, swim and race prep. It set in that i'm in Europe and i'm ready to crush, but after i get some sleep first.