Monday, February 28, 2011

Some thoughts on food (or food for thought)

Was doing some reading and came across this article. Food is usually on my mind so I found this very interesting. Take is with a grain of salt. Hope you find it to be a good read despite it's length.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Team TT and some action!

Training is going great and the spirits here are high despite some fatigue all around I'm sure. We are having to say goodbye to a few of the guys and gals who have to leave training paradise here in Clermont. They will be sorely missed as there contributions were all positive. 
The last bit of training has been great with some good work in the pool, in the saddle and in the sneakers. The Team TT was an awesome workout for everyone from what I could tell. It gave everyone an exciting little race to give our adrenaline addictions a fix. Teams were made the day before based on ranking the times etc. We were also given the opportunity to take off 5, 15 or 30 seconds (divided by the number of members on the TT team) from our TT time, based off how fast we chose to swim the two sets of 12x100's. This added a little fun into the mix and made the swim a bit faster too (awesome idea CT!)  
The teams were given a time, which was derived from the average of the team members previous TT times. The goal was to smash this time by as much as you could now that you were working with the others around your speed. In order of time improvement (total time improvement divided by # of riders in the team)... including swim time bonus
1.  Team International/Gryffindor (Christin, Wilson, Stewart) 0:58" 
2.  Team BC/Ravenclaw (Sharpe, Powell, Foreman, Thomas) 0:45"
3.  Team ON1/Slytherin (Jamnicky, Quick, Lokody) 0:43"
4.  Team ON2/Hufflepuff (Donald, Hinton, Woodfine, Vierula, Brown, Bredschnieder) 0:37"
avg speeds
1. 42.4 km/hr
2.  39.2 km/hr
3.  34.8 km/hr
4.  40.2 km/hr 

Pictures and data courtesy of coach Craig Taylor, huge props! 
Times and data -

Pics from the swim - 

Pic from the ride -

Team international/Gryffindor ready to crush! (all business ;) ) -

Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a few good days of training, got the team time trail tomorrow. Jason, Marc and I are looking to crush. Should be fun!

heres pic from the run at "the grove" today!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clermont - Bike TT result

The course was a sunny, moderately windy, and hilly 17.8km loop. Thanks to the great coaching staff we have here with us, everyone was well looked after and it was a safe and fun practice. Courtesy of the great coach Craig Taylor of the RTC Guelph (and Jason Wilson's powertap) here are the times*

*everyone has put in a solid block of training so far and effort level was up to the athlete, just some cool data to look at!

- an interesting side note and comment relating to Simons Whitfield's post about a time standard for cycling not yet being instigated for World Cup entry. If you assume the we can keep up the pace for another 2.2km,  multiply the times by 12.36% (2.2km/17.8km-at pace) on this training effort. How many of our young canucks would make a WC standard? Our top time was by Marc-Antoine Christin with a TT time converting to 30mins 46secs for 20km TT. Looks like some strong fitness from everyone. Just a cool thought.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 2,3 and 4

It's safe to say that the training camp is well underway, it felt like I logged a 70.3/half-iron man in with the amount of training on day 2. Managed to get a good progressive workload in, along with a solid dose of sun and fun. This did however, come with a price and the fatigue onset is very noticeable. I've settled into the Value Place extended stay hotel with the rest of the BC boys and got the fridge stocked with food. Home base is well and good. It's only a 12 minute bike ride to the NTC (National Training Centre) and the roads are pretty smooth sailing. The weather couldn't be better, with blue skies and not too too hot, the training conditions are really comfortable. Today the whole gang of Canucks swarmed to the pool for a solid and steady short course yards swim during the cooler misty morning. The BC crew just got back from our late morning sunny run with enough time to relax and regenerate for the much anticipated 18km bike TimeTrial. Update on the outcome soon to come!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 1 and arrival

Got in at 7.30pm Florida time on friday and met up with the crew for the ride into Clermont.  The Ontario was kind enough to  let me crash on the big comfy couch until the arrival of my fellow Victorians. Had a solid group ride with the crew and followed by a good solid run around the swamp. The weather's perfect and I 'm looking forward to a good hard day of work tomorrow with swim bike and run on the menu.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clermont, Florida

On the morning of the 18th I'll be flying out to Clermont, Florida to meet up with the Ontario squad for a solid block of training in the sun. On the 5th of March is the Clermont ITU sprint triathlon Pan Am cup. This should be a good race after a solid block of training and I'm sure all the Canadian guys are stoked to crush it. While i'm down in Clermont I'll be posting updates on training and maybe some cool photo's if your lucky.