Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back home!

So its a been a while since my last post. The semester is coming to a close and so the papers and studying have been flying in and out.  Settling into Victoria after the Florida camp was a good welcome home. The tan seemed to wash away quicker than I would have liked but the Vic life is great. Training is going smoothly. It's nice to stop and appreciate the fact that I'm fit and injury/sickness free, because you don't usually until it hits the fan. The flights home from Florida  to Vancouver got me home in time to meet with Mindshift - CSL for a photo shoot and interview. Was a lot of fun, and something pretty new for me. The support is amazing and I pictures are awesome! Win Win.
Looking forward to the 5km Champs this Saturday.
Picture: Carl Philibert VP of Mindshift CSL & Me.

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